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Network beginning to take shape

With 29 pharmacy clinical champions committed to this cause, we now need more dentists, nurses, optometrists and AHPs. Our first meeting on 8 June will shape the next 6 months activities.

The shape of membership

The membership of the Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network has now grown to an enthusiastic 80 people. The breakdown of professions is as follows:

    Optometry = 3

    AHP = 4

    Nursing = 11

    Dentristry = 15

    Pharmacy = 34

    Misc = 13

Congratulations to Steve Foster who so far has managed to bring together 29 pharmacy clinical champions committed to this cause, forming considerable representation in each of the SHA regions. Anyone who feels they are in a position to bring on further champions from other disciplines, especially optometry and AHPs, please get in touch.

Development meeting

Our first meeting will be on 8 June 2010, chaired by James Kingsland, National Lead for PBC. The afternoon will very much revolve around looking at what our members think a good model of commissioning looks like. There will be discussions on what impact we want this network to make over the next six months and the activities we think can achieve this. 

We will share the outcomes with members and encourage you all to comment on this website, via the message board.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute to this network or take a leading role in any of its activities.