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Implementation of Clinical Commissioning and CCGs

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Implementation of Clinical Commissioning and CCGs

‘Listen Up’- Joint NHS Alliance and NAPC e-survey questions. This survey is intended for Clinicians and Managers who are directly involved in making CCGs work. Please feel free to pass it on to colleagues who fulfill that criteria

The NHS Alliance and the NAPC aim to champion CCGs in shaping the policy and implementation of Clinical Commissioning, with Ministers and the Department of Health, along with other key Primary Care Organisations. We hope to represent fully, your views at the highest possible level and therefore we are very keen to find out how you think the transition is going and what remain the key issues that need resolving. With this in mind you are asked to spend a few minutes comnpleting the survey here:



You are asked to say how far you agree, or not, with a number of statements that relate to CCG authorisation and ‘fitness for purpose’ so that you are ready to take on your commissioning responsibilities at the earliest possible time.

In addition we would very much value your views on any other key issues that are having a negative impact on your development and readiness through this transitional phase. The results of this survey will be fed into our joint NHS Alliance and NAPC clinical commissioning conference on 14th September, at which the Secretary of State and the Managing Director for Commissioning Development will be listening to your views and responding. We hope to see you at this event as a CCG leader.

Registration for the 14th September event is via www.medman.co.uk. But in the meantime please complete the survey online no later than 4th September, 2011, by clicking the above link.

Many thanks

Julie Wood
National Director Clinical Commissioning, NHS Alliance

Michael Dixon
Chair, NHS Alliance  

Dr J Marshall
Chair, NAPC
Chair, United Commissioning