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CCG Authorisation - letter from Dame Barbara Hakin

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CCG Authorisation - letter from Dame Barbara Hakin

The HCPCN received the following letter from Dame Barbara Hakin in response to our submission of feedback on "Developing clinical commissioning groups: towards authorisation".

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Dear Katherine 

Last week, we published the latest version of Developing clinical commissioning groups: towards authorisationThe document sets out thinking to date to help emerging clinical commissioning groups consider the steps towards authorisation. It describes the processes that may need to be in place to ensure that CCGs are highly effective, with the leadership and confidence to discharge their healthcare and financial responsibilities. 

As part of the publication process, we shared an early draft of the document in August and invited comments from key stakeholders. Thank you so much for the constructive, reflective and perceptive comments received.  I really appreciate the time you took to respond to us.  Overall, the main changes have been to the following areas:

·  technical annex on the configuration risk assessment

·  section on the road map to authorisation

·  development areas for CCGs

·  references to patient and public engagement

·  adding an executive summary

·  updating technical annex 3 to reflect many of the comments received.  

We have also updated the document where the position has developed in the last few weeks, for example technical annex 1 (legislation). 

In terms of your specific comments, you raised a number of points relating to multi-professional working and fostering innovation. We amended sections 2,3 and 5 of the document along the lines you suggested. Unfortunately we were not able to include the other points you raised, but hope that the changes we have made, particularly the change to domain one to pick up the need for CCGs to have a multi-professional focus, will give the balanced picture you sought. 

To accompany this document, answers to some of the questions/ points that were frequently raised in response to the August draft have been published on the pathfinder learning network. However many of the comments highlighted a range of issues where further thinking is required, and will be taken forward in developing the forthcoming governance framework and the next level of detail on authorisation.   

Our intention is that the shadow NHS Commissioning Board will publish another update of the framework in Spring 2012 following further engagement with emerging clinical commissioning groups and stakeholders. 

Please continue to send your queries, concerns and comments. I look forward to continuing to work with you. 


Dame Barbara Hakin
National Managing Director for Commissioning Development
Department of Health