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We’d like to make sure our network doesn’t only depend on attending events, as we know this isn’t possible to all our members. The message board is available for debate if you would like to raise a burning issue, and we are always interested in hearing about those areas where people are struggling or succeeding. Anyone who is logged in can start a conversation. We welcome your views and hope that you enjoy being part of this network.
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Uniformity of service provision across a cluster? by Ian White 0 by Ian White June 25. 2012
Insights into CCGs' experience of engaging with person and community centred commissioning by Katherine Andrews 0 by Katherine Andrews May 28. 2012
Optimum use of allied health professionals (AHPs) improves patient care and saves the NHS money by Dawn Smith 0 by Dawn Smith April 20. 2012
Progress on actions from HCPCN meeting 13 Dec 2011 by Avril Swan 6 by Dawn Smith April 20. 2012
Dentists and Drinking - why joining up professions makes a difference by John Paul Maytum 0 by John Paul Maytum April 04. 2012
Offer to disseminate information by Heidi Wright 0 by Heidi Wright March 20. 2012
Health and Well Being Boards by yvonne sawbridge 0 by yvonne sawbridge March 15. 2012
Back to Health Back to Life: The AHP Brand by Jill Kings 5 by mandy higginbottom March 13. 2012
Clinical commissioning group governing body members: Role outlines, attributes and skills by Anonymous 0 by Anonymous February 20. 2012
CCG quality strategy by yvonne sawbridge 1 by Sally Parkin February 15. 2012
Clinical network proposals for the modernised NHS by Katherine Andrews 2 by Dawn Smith February 09. 2012
Oral health promotion messages: "Spit don't rinse" by reena patel 0 by reena patel February 08. 2012
Gathering Soft Intelligence by Katherine Andrews 0 by Katherine Andrews January 16. 2012
Response to Kings Fund Governance Guide by Katherine Andrews 0 by Katherine Andrews December 21. 2011
Allied Healthcare Professionals Group by simon truett 8 by Avril Swan November 22. 2011
Leadership Framework - pass it on by Katherine Andrews 3 by Michael Holden November 08. 2011
Integration of care by Heidi Wright 0 by Heidi Wright October 04. 2011
Draft Authorisation Framework - comments please by Katherine Andrews 3 by Katherine Andrews September 23. 2011
Evidence based medicine - BMJ parachute paper by John Paul Maytum 1 by Katherine Andrews September 07. 2011
What are the three top transitional issues on peoples' minds? by Katherine Andrews 4 by Debra Sprague March 08. 2011
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