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HCPCN History

Archived January 2013

Key Messages

Health professionals Commissioning Network

(Twitter: @NHSCCC @HCPCN #strongertogether)

The HCPCN reaches the parts of the NHS that other groups don’t reach – giving access to multi-professional clinical expertise to ensure integrated care and commissioning.

Engaging with the HCPCN gives you engagement with clinicans who…

… will enable you to achieve Domain 1 Authorisation through multi-professional commissioning

…are driven by reducing the costs of services through innovative service design, delivering the QIPP agenda with a passion for better quality care and outcomes for patients

… are committed to delivering better outcomes for patients (and a more efficient and effective NHS) by making sure that there aren’t any significant gaps in commissioning and service provision

… have a passion for better quality care and outcomes for patients

… provide fast and easy access into the Health Inclusion agenda giving an assurance you don't miss some of the most marginalised groups in our communities

.... lead by example by demonstrating multi-discipline commissioning

How can we make this happen?

The HCPCN is a network of active and engaged people from across a wide range of clinical and professional backgrounds who are offering their skills knowledge and experience to help support commissioning decisions.

By involving the HCPCN we can help make sure your commissioning decisions have a suitably wide field of view and are evidence and needs-based. In the short term, involving the HCPCN can demonstrate that a CCG is meeting the test within Domain 1 of the Authorisation Framework, making sure that there is an appropriate breadth of clinical involvement in commissioning decisions.

Through integrated commissioning we believe we are stronger together and things are simpler together. Our skills support and help deliver new ways of working in the new commissioning environment.

If you are interested in joining this network and being part of creating a model for future healthcare commissioning then please contact Katherine Andrews at: katherine.andrews@nhs-commissioning.net. 07805 029 463.


Dentistry - a few slides explaining why this network uses NHS Networks and why dentistry representatives may want to join us.

AHPs - presentation given at AHP Learning events in Leeds and London February 2011 identifying why it is important for AHPs to become involved.


Our History

In early 2010, the majority of clinical leaders in practice based commissioning were GPs.

Then, two nurses and one pharmacist from the National PBC Clinical Leaders network voiced an interest in raising the profile of other clinicians’ contribution to the commissioning process.

We put out our feelers with dentists, optometrists and AHPs and identified a few of each who were passionate about raising the profile of multi-disciplinary commissioning.

Our first meeting, huddled round a coffee table in the British Library, established there was a real need for a network of clinicians to spearhead the movement towards a collaborative model for commissioning with GPs.

As a result, we wrote a mission statement, established this website and launched the network on 01 March 2010.

In October 2012, participants of the HCPCN and the National Clinical Commissioning Network decided to lead by example and come together to form the Integrated Clinical Commissioning Network. Now GPs, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses, dentists, AHPs and managers can participate in multi-professional networking for better patient outcomes. Launch event 16 January 2013, more information to follow.

Mission Statement for HCPCN

Healthcare professionals are coming together in order to utilise the widest skills available to provide services. Dentists, pharmacists, optometrist, nurses and allied health professionals all want to convey the significant message that successful healthcare commissioning needs to be multi-disciplinary in order to best support the quality and productivity challenge.

Lead roles

National Lead: Stephen Foster

AHP: Paul Hitchcock
Dentistry: Reena Patel
Nursing: Debra Sprague
Optometry: David Hewlett
Pharmacy: Liz Stafford
Communications: Georgina Craig
General Practice: James Kingsland

We have over 300 members and growing. They span optometry, AHPs, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy. They share a passion for influencing healthcare commissioning.

We held our first development meeting on 8 June 2010, where twenty members gathered to discuss the aims and activities of the network. They produced a Key Issues paper (visible under Knowledge Management) to help shape the future of clinical commissioning and to raise the profile of this vital network as the Government prepares its first White Paper.

The network is inclusive and anyone who is prepared to give their time freely and invest their personal energy in broadening the clinical influence within commissioning is welcome to join.

If you would like to sign up or take on a role, supporting this network, please click Join this network button on our home page or contact: katherine.andrews@nhs-commissioning.net

22 February 2012



Who are the attendees at meetings?

The attendees at the meetings are people representing each of the clinical disciplines plus local, regional and national policy leads. They are keen to contribute their time to discuss the barriers, developing practical solutions, identify enablers and spread good practice.

Who are the members of the network?

Our membership includes clinicians from each of the professions and other organisations who are all passionate about influencing the development of clinical commissioning and the new management processes required.