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About us

The National Clinical Commissioning Network (NCCN) and associated Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network (HCPCN) were created to enable an ever-increasing number of clinicians to become involved within and be enthused by commissioning. At the beginning of October 2012 these two networks merged to establish the Integrated Clinical Commissioning Network (ICCN).

The aims of the ICCN are:

  1. To provide clinicians in commissioning across the country with a simple means of connecting with each other, accessing contemporary information and good practice
  2. To bring together a community of experts who will support national work being undertaken on the development of commissioning
  3. To assist in providing a consistency of message, dispel misconceptions and negative attitudes and help to create calm during the period of transition
  4. To keep the frontline clinical community informed directly of products and development of systems
  5. To provide a means of inclusion for other health care professionals to be involved in commissioning development
  6. To connect the National Clinical Directors and their future work streams to clinical commissioners
  7. To provide NHS Commissioning Board with a real time communication system that connects to clinicians and CCGs in an interactive way
  8. To actively promote the policy of clinically led commissioning and to encourage more clinicians to play an active part
  9. To support and augment the quality of local information that is collected and distilled by Local Area Team (LAT) Directors
  10. Assisting and fast tracking the development of the skills and competencies of clinical commissioners to try and minimise risk in the system

The ICCN identifies and incorporates clinical ‘champions’ who disseminate information, knowledge and enthusiasm, and stimulate a cascade of change. These include: CCG leads; leaders from all four Primary Care Contractor disciplines (GPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and Opticians); nurses, scientists and the specialties of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). Fifteen hundred clinical leaders across England all with personal expansive local clinical networks participate in the ICCN so far.

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Community has established an ICCN Community of Practice for those who are or who wish to take an active role in improvement of Clinical Commissioning.  Through this community you will have the opportunity to:

  • contact or be introduced to others across professions in health and social care, in providing and commissioning from all sectors
  • raise the profile of your work locally and nationally
  • give unattributed soft intelligence(SI) that will go into a report straight into the NHS Commissioning Board.

The online forum is here. This initiative builds upon the work of both the National Clinical Commissioning Network (NCCN) and the Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network (HCPCN).

If you have any questions about the ICCN please contact Stephanie Searl at stephanie.searl@nhs-commissioning.net.

Twitter: @NHSCCC (#strongertogether)



To Join us

To become a participant in the ICCN, please click here for an registration form and email to kaye.locke@nhs-commissioning.net