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About us

In early 2006, the responsibility for managing a national network for HCAI research was contracted to the Richard Wells Research Centre at Thames Valley University London and the Department of Health’s National HCAI Research Network is now established. The Network is managing and supporting major projects funded through the Department of Health Policy Research Programme’s call for research into the cost-effectiveness of interventions for the control of HCAI. These include a diverse range of studies such as those focusing on the role of managing the hospital environment, environmental decontamination, MRSA carriage in care home settings and modelling MRSA intervention policies.

In addition, the Network is developing plans to:

• coordinate with other research funders to explore how best to bring relevant research into the managed Network;

• enhance research capacity and capability in this area (by providing relevant interdisciplinary research training and opportunities for methodological support and advice to HCAI researchers);

• provide support to research groups for research governance and ethical approval processes.