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2012/13 Programme Budgeting data is now available


2012/13 Programme Budgeting data is now available


Programme Budgeting

Programme Budgeting Spreadsheet 2009/10

Programme budgeting provides a framework for estimating NHS expenditure across healthcare conditions, also known as ‘programmes categories’, across the whole care pathway.

Definitions of programme categories and care settings 

The main purpose of the data is to provide benchmarking information enabling NHS organisations to make evidence based investment and prioritisation decisions. Commissioners, and those who support them (CSUs) may wish to incorporate this into their strategic planning work. 

The programme budgeting framework has formed the basis for the recently published Commissioning for Value packs.


2012-13 Programme Budgeting data now available

The latest programme budgeting data is now available for 2012-13, in the form of an interactive benchmarking tool enabling commissioners to identify:

- how they spend their allocation over 23 disease categories

- how their disease category level expenditure is split across 12 care settings and

- how their expenditure distribution pattern compares with other commissioners nationally, locally or with similar characteristics.

Download 2012-13 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking tool

Aggregate data is also available, summarising expenditure across the 23 categories since 2003/04

Download summarised programme budgeting aggregate PCT figure for financial years 2003-04 to 2012-13

To access data for previous years please follow the links below:

Download 2011-12 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking tool

Download 2010-11 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking tool

Figures in this version of the 2010-11 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking tool differ from those in the previously published 2010/11 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking spreadsheet. This is due to the correction of errors identified for five PCTs.

2003-04 to 2009-10, programme budgeting data is available in an earlier version of the benchmarking tool, which supports commissioners in identifying their expenditure over 23 disease categories and in benchmarking their expenditure across PCTs.

Download 2003-04 to 2009-10 programme budgeting PCT benchmarking tool

To access the tools you will need WinZip or similar unzipping software. Please save the file to a local drive before opening.


CCG Level programme budgeting data development

NHS England are looking for CCGs and CSUs to help develop programme budgeting by identifying improvements in guidance and processes for the 2013/14 collection and in future years.

This work could range from working with the programme budgeting team to produce provisional data as a pilot organisation for 2013/14 to providing input and guidance on specific elements of development. The majority of this work will take place between now and April but we would also like to hear from organisations wishing to work on longer term developments. If you are interested in being involved in this work please get in touch with the team at england.programmebudgeting@nhs.net.


Calculating Programme Budgeting data

Published on 31 July 2013 the programme budgeting guidance was aimed at supporting commissioners and NHS providers in completing their data return, the 2012-13 guidance and mapping document outlines the approach for calculating programme budgeting data.

For programme budgeting data to be most effective, it is essential that all commissioners calculate programme budgeting data using the same principles. By doing so, commissioners can have greater confidence that differences in health expenditure when compared to another commissioner are not caused by different approaches to calculating programme budgeting data. 

If you have any queries relating to the programme budgeting data or future developments, please contact the programme budgeting team at england.programmebudgeting@nhs.net