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Police Healthcare Commissioning

Welcome to the Police Healthcare Commissioning section of the Network! We are now engaged with about 30 forces through the early adopters and 2nd wave forces.

It is acknowledged that there is no "one size" fits all and each partnership board will have its own unique challenges due to current contract arrangements, geography and collaboration or PFI builds. Despite this, we are confident that between all forces there is now a wealth of knowledge and experience and we hope to share some of the best practice through this Network. In the spirit of co-operation and in support of the project objectives you will find a list of topics to be populated with sample and actual documents under these topic headings that may be useful to you.

We are grateful to all partnership boards for the use of documents that will help make this site a useful resource.

Andy Hunt & Ivan Trethewey


Background to commissioning of healthcare in police custody suites in England

Custodial health services are currently the only stage in the criminal justice pathway where healthcare is not commissioned by the NHS.

As recommended by the 2009 Bradley Review of mental health and learning disability in the criminal justice system, work has been progressed across Government to assess the feasibility of transferring commissioning and budgetary responsibility for custody healthcare services to the NHS. This recommendation has wide-spread support due to the clear benefits of integrating the healthcare pathway across the criminal justice system.

NHS-led commissioning of custodial healthcare has been subject to full consultation and has the backing of key partners, including health inspectorate bodies, the Association of Police Authorities, the Police Federation and crucially, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).