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YJDL - YOIS (YOS electronic offending input system)

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March 19. 2012

Is it possible to get some clarity over what types of information we should be sharing over YOIS. I'm clear that it needn't be to explicit but I'm aware that my current domain does want me to use it as a communication tool for their Cwer's.

Has anyone else been asked to input information in this way. I've read the information sharing protocal around confidentiality but I'm conscious of it being used a communication tool.

March 20. 2012
Tim Kitchen

Hi Angela,

I would have thought that it would depend on how YOIS is used locally.  Usually it is just used for recording by the local YOT so only staff within that team would have access - if you are located within the YOT you would only be sharing information with your team members (keep in mind that it also contains highly sensitive information on young people's offending history, so access is tightly controlled).  The messaging service within YOIS can only be used between local staff with YOIS access so the data remains within the system.  Does that help at all?


March 20. 2012

Hi Tim,

Thanks for responding, yes I get what you mean although there is an element of confidentiality that I think needs to be respected when working clinically with young people, especially if it doesn't need to be shared.It may be a case of questioning what you need/dont need to share and how you justify this. It poses some difficulty when you're trying to build a therapeutic relationship with the YP and what they feel comfortable with other people knowing about. I always have a conversation with the young person about how they feel about this. What I understand about YOIS, correct me if I'm wrong, its a system that is designed to look at rates of re-offending behaviour through an offending assessment. A lot of these young people have had some very difficult experiences and I agree the YOS is there to work with the offending behaviour but it's about understanding why young people offend anyway (not in a concrete way) and maybe thats what training and consultation is about. And you're very right it does depend on the local YOS system.


March 21. 2012
terence clay

Hi Angela,

The CAMHS protocol for sharing on YOIS is very clear. The only information that you maybe required to enter within YOIS is whether a YP has attended or not, thats your only legal obligation. The YP we see may actually never have an open file within YOIS and this would in effect be unworkable in a great deal of cases.Generally the only cases that are open are those that have either had a Police Reprimand, Final warning or higher disposal from court.

The Forensic CAMHS forum that meets quarterly at  the Youth Justice Board has raised the recording of data on YOIS on numerous occasions and they have agreed that no clinical data is recorded at any time. You can record where you have referred onto to other services for instance but not stating the clinical reason for doing so.

As for using the YOIS messenger system I can't see the point of this if you are not a YOS worker. I think by not using the msg system you are rightfully maintaining your own professional boundaries. I think you need to affirm your position on this. If case workers don't like it, they'll get over it.

The recording of Triage cases is a bit tricky on YOIS anyway because if a YP is triaged they don't neceassrily fit the criteria to have an ASSET completed which in itself opens up an intervention window which then allows you to record contacts.

The way a YOS will collect their data is by running a wizard that automatically collects the data from open interventions and will not affect any data collection as far as I know when data is recorded on a diary entry.

I hope this is clear. If you need to talk call me or ask your manager to call me.



March 22. 2012

Hi Terry,

That's helpful, a bit like what Tim said it would appear that YOS' operate in different ways. Most of the YP being seen by me do have an asset and they see the CAMHS screen/assessment as an intervention.

But if I'm truly honest some of these things pertain to this YOS in particular of which I'm currently addressing. The issue with YOIS is that it's being used to determine what is happening with a young person but also a tool for communication between the YOS workers to see who is being seen by me as opposed to having a conversation. This makes sense to some degree. Being based in the YOS isn't always easy because there is an expectancy to comply with the status quo. However, I feel quite strongly about these points and to date feel as though I have on other matters been able to authenticate working boundaries.

Thanks for that input I'm going to discuss this further about whether this process- two services trying to operate in tandem can offer alternate cohension that's suits both parties.

June 11. 2012
neil lomas

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