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Mental Health Screening Tool

Up to Implementation Plans
March 09. 2012
richard evans

Hi all,


Just thought id start a discussion regarding screening tools to be used in police custody. I recall a few people mentioning this at the sector event. Police custody is the new development within my service so we dont have a screening tool in place yet, just some ideas.

Are there any services that already have a screening tool in place for their work in police custody? If so, are you willing to share your ideas?!


Rich Evans

CARS team Avon and Wiltshire

March 10. 2012
martin newton

+ 1 for any screening tools. we are trying to develop common documentation across probation/ dip/ and mental health.

March 12. 2012
julia winstanley

Likewise, we are developing into working with police custody suites, and  want a screening tool that is quick and easy, with the aim of training the police and any health workers in police custody to use before referring to us, so any tools that people use or know about would be gratefully received.

Julia Winstanley

Somerset CAAS

March 12. 2012
lisa boyack

NTW are planning on using a screening tool that was devised by Professor Gruben, I understand it has already been piloted in London.

March 13. 2012
julia winstanley

Do you know where I could get hold of a copy of the Gruben screening tool? I tried to google it, but no luck


Julia Winstanley, Somerset CAAS

March 14. 2012
Debbie Goulding

Hi Julie

Glyn and I are trying to track this down for you.  I'll post it on the Network as soon as we have it.

If any of the London pilot sites that are using Grubin have a copy to hand it might be quicker if you'd be so kind as to post it here?



March 15. 2012
Tim Kitchen

For youth, in Hounslow,  we are using SQIFA - quick and works ok for us.  As with all tools it does depend on the skill of the interviewer though.


March 19. 2012
sue staddon

and the female one

March 19. 2012
sue staddon

I have the Grubin tool - see attached



March 19. 2012
sue staddon

And a final document about Grubin

March 19. 2012

Having gone through the literature surrounding this Diversion Laision, It I think it's helpful to differentiate the type of screening that is around.

In-direct screen- information already held by the police (risk assess, CREMIT, Merlin PENY). This definitely connects the dots and offers some form of context, promotes liaison work, when meeting with the YP.

The SQIFA is an interesting tool for the reason that it is quite structured and really does rely on the knowledge base of the person behind the tool to make it more user friendly appropriate and explicit. Having attended the DOH cluster meetings I did think about the public health component and the need to think medically and psycho-socially about YP we come across.

I did create a screening tool in the YOS (currently based) although found this was being duplicated by the Cwer's here who ask those physical health questions and do a SQIFA in some cases. Does anyone else's Triage service Cwer's do SQIFA?

When I attended the Rapid assessment Training in Brighton it brought to the forefront that a lot of the Triage Cwer's were carrying out a a brief mental health screen in their own right and would then refer to the MH teams for a specialist service CAMHS CMHT to take over.

The confusion I find is the bit is that some of the YJDL posts were originally being carried out by Cw'ers in the YOS to then refer to CAMHS (makes sense) and now it's being delivered by some health professionals, such as myself who would offer brief screening, assessment, careplanning, referral/intervention. But the Cw'er is still doing some of this work. Hard to know where one finishes and the other picks up.

March 19. 2012

Apologies for the essay!!


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