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Custody Nurse Mental Health NDP

Up to Implementation Plans
June 20. 2012
Rebecca Jones

Hi my name is Becky I am a Band 6 criminal justice liaison nurse in Merseyside. As part of the NDP project, we have secured funding for a Custody Nurse Role to cover the Mersey Care foot print custody suites which at present is 3, with 2 extra opening when required.

We have a job description (please see the attached document), and our prescence in custody suites is not new having been an established team for 17 years, although up until recently we were reactive in responding to requests for assessment, however now we are looking at being pro active with a focus on early intervention and early identification of mental illness.

I was wondering if any body on this network is doing something similar, I am keen to speak to colleagues across ther country to see how we can improve this role, and any ideas and views would be much appriciated.

The police are extremely happy to have us based within the suites full time, and have been very welcoming, but the difficulties I have found so far are having quick access to information that allows me screen quickly and identify those that are in need of further assessemnt and diversion.The police will not allow us access to their systems, so I am physically writing all the dp's detailsl down to then screen through our system, this is time consuming.


Has any body got any ideas?, or is any one else looking at this role in their area, I would be keen to discuss and generate and share ideas.






June 20. 2012
ivan trethewey

Hi Becky

My name is Ivan Trethewey and I am a National Project Board advisor for the commissioning of Police Healthcare. As part of this programme all health/police partnerships are encouraged to look at installing Health IT into the Police custody suites. As an example in Cornwall they have aproject where RIO is available to medical staff working in the 3 cornish suites. This is a mental health IT system so they have access to Mental Health records locally. Speak with your custody manager/lead and they should be able to update you. Please see the contact lsit I am about to update for names of lead perosns in the Misc folder

regards Ivan Trethewey

June 25. 2012
steve acton

Hi Becky


I run the CJL Services in Centrak and East Lancashire , covering 5 custody suites. We are in the process of further developing our access to information, We have had a phone line installed in one police station that enables to CJLPractitioner to log onto our mental health data base (eCPA) In other areas, the staff are able to have remote access to the data base, using 3g technology- this is something we are planning to roll out across all the teams within Lancashire, which will enable staff to have instant access to info as well being able to update records "live"

Please feel free to come and have a look




Steven Acton

Lancashire Care NHS Trust

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