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Custody Nurse Mental Health NDP

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Emergency & Urgent Care Wales
Networking the Delivery of emergency and unscheduled care in a diverse geographical area combining both rural and urban dynamics.
Keywords: ('Emergency Nurse', 'Emergency Care', 'Unscheduled Care', 'Urgent Care')
Epilepsy Specialist Nurses Association (ESNA) Epilepsy Awareness Group Eastern Region (EAGER)
Keywords: ('epilepsy specialist nurse network',)
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Associated Disorders ( FASD)
www.fasawareuk offer support /education too all, inlcuding research papers on the Professional pages and Accredited HE.
Keywords: ('Mental health', 'Suicide', 'Medical Reserch', 'Alcohol', 'Clinical Reserch', 'Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders', 'Eye refraction', 'Education Psychology', 'Awareness', "Paediatric's", 'FASD', 'Foetal Alcohol Syndrome', "spectrum's", 'Special education', "Intervention's", 'Child Psychology', 'child health', 'Midwifes', 'Attachment Disorders', 'Health and social care', 'Obstetrics', 'Silent disorders')
The F-CAMHS Network
The Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (F-CAMHS) Network: a multidisciplinary network of clinicians working with young people with mental and ...
Keywords: ('Mental health', 'Psychology', 'Adolescent', 'Forensic', 'CAMHS', 'Child', 'Psychiatry', 'YOT')
The UK Forum for Trust/Healthboard research leads (nursing) has been developed to provide a forum for members to provide peer support, share knowledge and ...
Keywords: ('research', 'lead nurse', 'trust', 'uk', 'forum')
GP Spotlight South East
This is a closed network for the members of the NHS England project GP Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health in the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)
Keywords: ('perinatal mental health', 'nhs england', 'gp champions', 'kent', 'surrey', 'sussex')
Health Visitor Network
A network for Health Visitors to share information, best practice, experience and stories.
Keywords: ('specialist', 'visiting', 'visitor', 'public health', 'hv', 'community', 'health', 'nurse', 'scphn')
HEE & VCS MH Collaboration Space
A space to promote and enable collaboration between HEE National Mental Health Programme and Voluntary and Community Sector organisations.
Keywords: ('mental', 'collaboration', 'community', 'hee', 'health', 'voluntary')
Major Trauma Centre Psychosocial Network
The Major Trauma Centre Psychosocial Network is a supportive network for professionals involved in the psychosocial care of patients in Major Trauma Services ...
Keywords: ('psychology', 'major trauma centre', 'ptsd', 'mental health', 'psychosocial')
Major Truama Coordinators
Discussions page for Major Trauma Coordinators
Keywords: ('major', 'trauma', 'nurse', 'coordinator', 'practitioners', 'mtnc', 'mtc', 'trauma')