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Sharing information pre-charge

Up to Implementation Plans
May 29. 2012
sue staddon

Hi All,


We are attempting to take a SW approach to developing the service in to police custody suites but I am stuck and need your thoughts please.


Obviously the L&D scheme is not just about ‘fitness to be interviewed or detained’ as the Bradley agenda is about ensuring the right decisions are made about people with MH and LD issues.  We need to be able to inform decisions pre-charge.


CPS have been very helpful and we think the route is for a brief written report to go to the CPS via a MG3 form.  


However, my problem is how do we get information from the custody suite to the officer in the case who will include any information on the MG3 routinely?


I don’t want to have to rely on busy custody sergeants to hand over a piece of paper, or to rely on Officers in the case to remember to ask if there was anything – so what is the answer?


What systems do you use?


Thanks in anticipation of your help.





May 30. 2012
rob king

Hi Sue,

Here in Cleveland we have our Liaison / Diversion Team working into custody and at the rear of the custody suite is the Prisoner Handling Team who manage the case files pre-court, and any information to be included in the file is passed to them for inclusion via the MG.3. If you would like to discuss further please give me a call. 01642 837514.


Kind regards

Rob King

May 30. 2012
stacy lewis

Hello Sue

We've been working on this in Gloucestershire for a little while and are still thrashing out details.

Currently Gloucestershire Constabulary are going across to digital files and have now adopted an MG wizard to create the file which prompts a L1 (juvenile arrest sheet) which is sent into youth criminal justices (which I have access to) - the new wizard puts the investigating officer's name on the L1 and we're just sorting out the return of an 'L1A' the YJLD pathfinder feedback emailing directly to the police officer to attach to the file in the confidential bit for them and CPS to view.  All this would be done by secure email.


Hope this helps and isn't too waffley.


Stacy Lewis

May 30. 2012
andy hunt

Hello Sue, my view is that it is fundamentally the officerin the cases role to complete the MG3, which includes any diverison information to inform disposal.



Andy Hunt

May 31. 2012
sue staddon

Thanks all,

Rob I will phone you next week if that is ok.

Stacy - might come and talk to you when I am next in Glos if that is ok with you.  I think all the Police / CPS are going electronic at the moment.

I have a feeling it will be different in each police custody suite!




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