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The NHS Mandate - a big moment for diversion

Up to Implementation Plans
July 16. 2012
professor louis appleby

Publication of the NHS mandate recently was a milestone in the care of offenders. It is well worth reading.

The mandate is a statement of government priorities for the NHS - it is what the Commissioning Board is expected to deliver. Being in it is vital to progress in the next few years.

Section 4 covers the wider role of the NHS, including in the CJS, and if you haven't time to read the whole thing, go to paragraph 4.16. It refers to ensuring that offenders of all ages get the health and social care they need, equivalent to the rest of the population. It specifically refers to liaison and diversion, to continuity from custody to community, and to reducing re-offending through treatment for mental health, alcohol and drug problems.

The Mandate is out for consultation until September 26.



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