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Visit to Middlesbrough - my old home town

Up to Implementation Plans
July 25. 2012
professor louis appleby

Fascinating visit to Middlesbrough a few days ago. Never mind that it is one of the few places where the population is falling, according to the Census report last week. And never mind that it scored low on yesterday's national survey of wellbeing. It is my ancestral homeland.

What came out of the discussion was the importance of experienced staff in developing a complex service like liaison & diversion.  We need to replicate that where services are being set up from scratch. What does that experience mean in practical terms?

And then there was the new "street triage" project, just getting under way. Between 4pm & midnight, health staff will be literally alongside the police, making assessments and giving advice. The result should be fewer people under section 136. Is anyone else doing something similar?



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