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HE KSS Communications

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GM UEC communications sub-group
This is a network which supports the work of the Greater Manchester UEC communications sub-group.
Keywords: ('uec', 'communications', 'gm', 'greater manchester', 'sub-group')
Information and Communications Technology (East of England)
Discussions and information from the ICT community in the East of England
Keywords: ('tbc',)
NHS 111 Communications Network
A platform to discuss, share and drive forward best practice for those working in an NHS 111 communications capacity.
Keywords: ('nhs 111 communications and engagement',)
NHS Procurement Communications Forum
Communicating national/regional activities to NHS procurement professionals, and a network for regional and local procurement to share and develop best ...
Keywords: ('purchasing', 'nhs', 'procurement', 'supply-chain')
North West Communications Network
Network for all North West NHS Communications Leads and partner organisations.
Keywords: ('north west', 'communications')
SHA Directors of Communications
'Invite only network for SHA Directors of Communications, to share learning and documents.'
Keywords: ('Invite only network for SHA Directors of Communications, to share learning and documents.',)
KSS Antimicrobial Pharmacists Network
Network pages for Kent Surrey Sussex Antimicrobial Pharmacist group
Keywords: ('antibiotic pharmacists', 'kent surrey sussex')
Influencing the Future Leadership Alumni
This network is for alumni from the Influencing the Future Leadership Programme, focusing on Pathology modernisation by creating a forum for professional ...
Keywords: ('Competence Framework', 'Clinical Leaders network', 'Leadership', 'Communications', 'Networking', 'Pathology', 'Learning', 'Collaboratives', 'Partnership working', 'Information-Giving', 'Collaborative', 'Information Sharing', 'Collaboration', 'Networks', 'Excellence')
NHS Networks Teamwork
Internal communications for the NHS Networks Team
Keywords: ('remote working', 'internal communications', 'team communications')
NHS PCC Communicators' Network
This is a network for communications professionals working for NHS Primary Care Commissioning
Keywords: ('NHS PCC', 'Communications', 'Internal communications', 'Communicators')