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Good Practice Examples

Good practice examples in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

An audit of practice in care homes against the NICE Quality Standard

A shared learning example from the NICE website that shows how The Orders of St John Care Trust, a charity care provider, have audited practice against five NICE Quality Standards - which include the NICE Pressure Ulcer Management Quality Standard – in their care homes to inform improvement.

NHS Stop the Pressure - case studies

A range of case studies on the NHS Stop the Pressure website that describe improvements to pressure ulcer care made in care homes, acute trust in-patient settings, an emergency department and in the community.

NHS Stop the Pressure - wall of achievement

A range of case studies on the NHS Stop the Pressure website describing achievements in pressure ulcer care in NHS acute trusts.

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust - working with carers in the community to reduce pressure ulcers 

A case study that shows how engaging with and teaching carers how to prevent pressure ulcers and recognise the early signs led to a reduction in pressure ulcer damage in the community.