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About our web space

Trish Bennett, Executive Nurse and Nurse Leaders for Safeguarding from Greater Manchester

Trish Bennett, Executive Nurse (GM Area Team) and Greater Manchester Nurse Leaders for Adult Safeguarding & Safeguarding Children, June '13


About the Safeguarding Clinical Collaborative web space


This is an "ask to join" web space.

It has been established and is led and owned by the Designated & Lead Safeguarding Professionals for Adults and Children in Greater Manchester.

Membership of this web space is open to the following:

  • Any Greater Manchester CCG
  • Any Greater Manchester NHS Provider Safeguarding Lead/Named Nurse
  • Any Local Authority Safeguarding Lead Officer within Greater Manchester's ten Councils
  • Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit Safeguarding Lead
  • NHS England: Greater Manchester Area Team, Northern Region Team, National Team.
  • Any Greater Manchester Police Public Protection Officer
  • Affiliated Higher Education establishments in Greater Manchester

This Collaborative is led by:

  • The Chair of the Safeguarding Clinical Collaborative
  • The Chair of the Clinical Network for Adult Safeguarding
  • The Chair of the Clinical Network for Safeguarding Children 

and supported by Designated, Named and Lead professionals from across the Greater Manchester Health economy.

The collaborative's web space, whilst primarily aimed at Designated, Named and Lead professionals in the health service, may also be of use to clinical leads in independent sector agencies and for Local Authority employees, with safeguarding responsibilities.

This web space exists to share best practice, research and experiences which will improve the safeguarding experience and support the delivery of high quality care to patients whilst supporting the maintenance/increase of standards in the wider care sector.

"Real world" collaborative meetings will be held every month, hosted by NHS England (Greater Manchester Area Team), engaging NHS agencies across Greater Manchester. These meetings to enable us to come together,  share knowledge, experiences and learn from each other.

This web space will require the active participation of its members to succeed, so please be active, be involved and share your knowledge, skills and experiences for the benefit for the benfit of the people of Greater Manchester.


Membership of the network is free.