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Caffeine citrate oral solution

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May 31. 2017
Robert Lapham

Dear all

We use the solution produced by the RVI - they have informed us that they are going to stop producing it soon

What product does everyone else use? the MartindalePharma rep is already sniffing round!



Robert Lapham

Sunderland Royal Hospital



June 16. 2017
Celine King-Lewis

Hi Robert


As far as i know we use the injections



June 20. 2017
Charntel Gash

Hi Robert,

Our caffeine citrate oral solution is from Huddersfield.



June 21. 2017
Paul Dillon

Hi Robert,

We use the unlicensed Huddersfield Hospital 50ml 10mg/ml one in Cumbria.

We made a risk assessment, proposing the tiny bottle size of the licensed product looked like an IV vial. Also it said 'Single Use Only' upon the licensed 5ml bottle size, componding the concern as I recall.

With that risk assessment approved, we feel we justifiably use the unlicensed, which doesn't raise those concerns. (Also the nurses hated the 5ml bottle, so small and awkward and gone in a dose or two)

(Our using unlicensed also saves maybe £6000 a year for us?)





ps. has anyone got any ice?...it's roasting out here

June 22. 2017

We're still using our own product but unfortunately cant sell outside anymore because a licensed prep is available :(

We rejected the licensed prep on the basis that the caffeine was not expressed as base - and we prescribe it as base therefore likely to give rise to errors and that the dropper bottle was inaccurate for administering doses.

The rep is very pushy though.

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