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Infliximab - Remsima

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May 24. 2017
Emily Bayliss

Dear all

We are planning to start switching all of our gastro infliximab patients from Remicade to Remsima.

Since the introduction of the biosimilars, our policy has been to start new patients on Remsima and keep existing patients who have had Remicade previously on Remicade.

This has worked well, with the exception of some new patients who need to go on to have their infusions elsewhere in the region. Some of our shared care patients are initiated in Newcastle (often receiving their first 4 doses here) then go on to have infusions at their local regional hospital. Where that hospital doesn't stock Remsima, we have had to start those patients on Remicade.

Going forward we want to try and avoid this and make a complete change over to Remsima. I am keen to find out which brand you all have in stock and if there have been talks to move over to Remsima. We need to iron this problem out before we make the complete move over to Remsima and deplete Remicade stock.

I have asked our gastro consultant to liaise with the medical teams involved, but appreciate that these things often need pharmacist leverage.

Many thanks



June 20. 2017
Charntel Gash

Hi Emily,

We keep both Remsima and Remicade at CDDFT.

The few children we have on infliximab are on Remicade as far as I'm aware (we thought GNCH used Inflectra which we didnt stock so our shared care patients were started on Remicade).


County Durham and Darlington

June 21. 2017
Paul Dillon


Inflectra is stocked only in Cumbria. I think they are all adult cases.

If a paediatric case living in Cumbria was started in Newcastle on Remsima brand, we would endeavor to continue that brand for that case,



Paul, Cumbria 

July 12. 2017
Emily Bayliss

Dear all

Many thanks for your responses

Just to throw a spanner in the works – I have just found out that it is likely we are going to change back to Inflectra from Remsima as this is now the cheapest!

However, there is a possibility we’ll change between the two as the price war continues in future.

Inflectra and Remsima are the same product (CT-P13) marketed by Napp and Hospira, respectively, made in the same factory. So it doesn’t matter which the patient gets as long as there is traceability. What we therefore intend to do is have a prescription that states Inflectra/Remsima that the prescriber signs. It will then come to us for screening and we will circle whichever brand is currently in use. 

Ultimately the main thing is that we will no longer be using Remicade brand, but using a biosimilar. And should we have shared care patients that come to your Trust for continued treatment, that you continue to give a biosimilar whether than be Inflectra or Remsima.

I will keep you informed as to when the change has been actioned.



September 05. 2017
Emily Bayliss

Dear all

Further update:

Our gastro patients who currently receive Remicade have now all been informed that we are switching to biosimilar infliximab. Patients who have had Remicade previously will be switched onto a biosimilar when they come for their next dose, from 2nd October onwards.

We are currently in the process of changing back to Inflectra from Remsima as it is now the cheaper option again. Going forward, we will be using Inflectra and Remsima interchangeably. The change between one biosimilar to the other will be a conscious decision (again based on cost saving) done in a controlled manner, with a clear audit trail to be able to see which one the patient received for any given dose.

If you have any gastro shared care patients at your Trust currently on Remicade, these patients can be switched to biosimilar but the change over should be managed locally. Going forward, on transfer to your Trust shared care patients will have been started on a biosimilar, you can then continue this using either Inflectra or Remsima.

We do not yet have a set date for switching our remaining Remicade rheumatology patients, but this will be happening imminently.



January 03. 2018
Laura Peart

Hi all

just to keep in the loop, we have drafted a new policy at South Tees for the use of remsima and inflectra interchangeably as per the new Newcastle policy. I've attached our protocol and prescription charts if anyone is interested.


January 03. 2018
Laura Peart


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