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Ayendi (intranasal diamorphine)

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April 26. 2017
Paul Dillon

Anyone using or stocking this product?

Our A&E use intranasal diamorphine for child fracture cases irregularly.

They don't want to change from their present written guideline, Diamorphine IV vials intranasally, and an atomiser,




April 27. 2017

Hi Paul,

We looked into this in quite a bit of depth regionally mainly due to having a very pushy rep.

We did not pursue this product on the ground that it is massively expensive (although we did not specify that). But primarily because we did not feel that there was a reliable way to record and consolidate the balance in the CD register. You re-use the same amp until it is either expired or empty. This would mean someone from pharmacy having to go to A&E on a regular basis to take care of disposal. Also - you can only reconcile the balances at the end, ie add up number if sprays recorded in CD register and then count out the number of sprays left (by squiring into the sink according to the rep!!) and then tally up and hope that none have gone missing. But if they don't tally up you have no way of tracing back when they went missing! The company supply you with a bag and tokens to zip secure the bag with as a way of securely closing it.

As a whole we felt that until the atomizer comes with a counter spray (like inhalers) we would not pursue it.

Other hospitals in the region (northumbria, QE) have not implemented either.

I do know that Bradford childrens use, and I have their guidance if you want it.

Hope that helps.

April 27. 2017
Charntel Gash

Hi Paul,

We're not using Ayendi at County Durham and Darlington (similar reasons as Nicola has mentioned above), we've continued with the IV vials intranasally.

Just be aware the rep is very pushy and will get all of the A&E consultants/nurses on board before dropping into pharmacy...!



April 27. 2017
Celine King-Lewis
Hi Paul We use diamorphine amps too as we don't use it frequently and not straight forward anyway as above I am on now as previously I was removed of NPPG by mistake Celine
April 28. 2017
Rachel Guy

Hi Paul,

We're not using Ayendi at Sunderland either (for the same reasons as Nicola and everyone has mentioned above), we've continued with the IV vials intranasally.

Charntel is right with regards to rep, had to do a lot of convincing with the A&E staff once they'd left.


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