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Lidocaine 5% plasters

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June 16. 2017
Celine King-Lewis

Hi all

I was wondering if you have experience with using lidocaine plasters in children. a pain specialist from mewcastle recommended it fo r a pt.

it is not licensed (on top of being non-formulary) and can't locate dosing in BNFC (even though it is there as a preparation)


Thank you


June 21. 2017
Paul Dillon


I haven't seen Lidocaine plasters so far in kids in Cumbria,



June 22. 2017

HI Celine,

It hasn't crossed our path yet - who from Newcastle advised it?

If they wanted to use it in Newcastle we would make them request it as a one off formulary request as its not on formulary for children and so not covered by governance.


June 26. 2017
Celine King-Lewis

Hi Nicola


This is what I am planning to do (it is non formulary in our trust for all ages)however, I can't find reference to dosing any where, Would you use a whole patch, part of it, leave on for how long etc.?

I know it is a pain specuialist (no name)




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