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NeoMel - melatonin 1mg/ml Alcohol Free

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April 27. 2017
Charntel Gash

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering what the current melatonin liquid of choice is in the region?

At CDDFT we appear to have switched to NeoMel (without my knowing) - melatonin 1mg/ml liquid which is alcohol/sugar/colourant free.

We previously stocked Kidnaps and have encouraged the consultants to prescribe this preparation where a liquid was required. However, Neomel appears to be cheaper than kidnaps (in hospital and community) and it is alcohol free.

I'd be grateful to hear what others are using and if anyone else has switched to NeoMel, whether there's any concerns/issues with it.

Thank you in anticipation.


April 27. 2017
Celine King-Lewis
Hi Charntel As far as I'm aware, we stil have kidnaps but I will check tomorrow Regards Celine
April 28. 2017
Rachel Guy

Hi Charntel,

Sunderland are still using Kidnaps.


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