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Great North Paediatric Pharmacist Network

Great North Paediatric Pharmacist Network

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Welcome to the Great North Paediatric Pharmacist Network. Please use this forum to ask questions, generate discussions and help each other out in a positive and supportive way.

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Soluble prednisolone Public view | Network member posting
What preparation are people using for prednisolone admin to children? I resisted changing from the soluble tablets, but due to CIP pressures we have been asked to look at it again. Should we tackle this as a network wide problem? Solutions? Crush and disperse normal tablets (taste awful) Prednisolone 1mg / ml oral soultion in 5 ml amps (look like NaCL / WFI) What other preparations are people using?
by Laura Peart January 03. 2018
re: Dexamethasone base
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