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December 10. 2010


thank you for sharing your paper with us.  I do agree with you that the reorganisation brings an enormous risks to the system.  In the West Midlands I have articulated very firmly that:

Primary Care Contracting

Governance  (to include revalidation and performers list management)

Poor Performance management

...should be all together.  We have discussed the "three legs of the stool" across the SHA at a number of workshops and all the PCTs that attended were in agreement. We have articulated that whilst there might be a national list, management has to remain local (albeit that it is likely to be under greater scrutiny) and this would apply to all the disciplines for which we currently have a performers list.

I will separately post a paper I have written on the place of the interview in performers list management as I am of the opinion that this is an essential part of the process and not specifically for reasons of language testing (which is very difficult to assess in any manner that would stand legal challenge). 


Jonathan Leach

MD and Director of Primary Care

NHS Worcestershire

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