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Welcome - share your thoughts! Public view | Network member posting
Here is the place to introduce yourself and say what you think the organisation should be about: What it should be called, how we should fund, lead and administrate it, who it should be for, what it should be its aims, values, ethos, vision, mission etc The content so far is a starter for 10 but as the person who stood up at the conference I was only saying what others have been suggesting - the consensus of the founding group was that we wanted to stand together and ensure GP Responsible Officers views and solutions are put to decision makers.
by TMills December 09. 2010
re: Re: Our stories and aspirations
What next? Public view | Network member posting
Ideas please - do we keep our name? Please add views on what we can do to ensure Clinical Governance is not overlooked in the current climate... Please let me have electronic copies of any essays or ideas you may have committed to paper (or word or pdf documents) and we can publish them in documents section to share ideas and stimulate discussion... Chris
by Jonathan December 10. 2010
re: Where should RO sit?
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