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General Practice Responsible Officer's Congress (GPROC):

  • Following legislation passed in the House of Lords in London on Tuesday 23 November it is expected that Responsible Officers for GPs will be appointed in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on 1st January 2011.
  • In England the 152 Primary Care Trusts are expected to nominate a Responsible Officer and similar arrangements should be in place in the other UK countries.  
  • On 26th November 2010 at the English annual NHS Medical Directors conference a group of 15 prospective Medical Directors met and agreed to form an unaligned, independent congress to provide a network to share support and learning and to propose common sense solutions concerning clinical governance and revalidation of GPs to decision makers.  
  • To establish a membership organisation congress the 15 original signatories committed a sum of £10 each to establish a fund to employ administrative support to set up a website and to co-ordinate email communication to members.  We planned to encourage wider membership of the congress across the UK and using electronic communication begin to agree a clarity regarding the name, purpose, membership, ethos, values, mission, administration and leadership of the organisation. Educational and organisational meetings could take place on line and at meetings and conferences as the congress gains strength and support.
  • Despite offers of help from the Revalidation Support Team, the RCGP,the NHS Alliance and the Department of Health the 15 prospective ROs who met agreed that the congress should initially have a membership confined to prospective responsible officers for UK GPs.  The consensus was for the congress to collaborate with other bodies but to aim to remain unaligned and independent from other organisations.
  • On 16 October 2012 a meeting of Primary Care leaders at the inaugural conference of the Faculty of Medical Leaders and Managers discussed that GPROC could be a networking service to work within or in collaboration with FMLM to share ideas and learning for current and future ROs and deputy ROs and those working in teams to support them.