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Training and Learning

The usual training and learning events Clinical Advisors should consider

Case Investigator Training

This is a 2 day training event run by NHS Resolutions (formerly NCAS) and is usually by invitation from your team who will fund this training.

Visit the NHS Resolutions page and search for Case Investigator Training.

Complaints Reviews

This is a great way to get into Clinical Advisor work and involves looking at patient complaints that come into NHS England where there could be clinical concerns. The Complaints team are hugely supportive and can provide all documents you need once you have been trained. 

Training is usually one to one with someone like Dr Andrew Foulkes with some supervision if needed for your first case or two.

Thereafter you will get feedback on your reviews and be invited to come to peer meetings which will help you network with similar people doing similar work. These meetings will allow discussion of tricky cases, opportunity for benchmarking and process feedback.

Useful documents on the "Documents page" include

  • minutes of meetings with your peers across the South and South-West
  • Template documents for Clinical Complaints Review
  • A useful crib sheet for Clinical Complaints Review to nudge you into completing filling out of the boxes to a high standard
  • A template document to accompany your Review which is your recommendation to PAG as a result of your review
  • The QA tool your Review will be measured against by your lead


Please also use this network to chat through the message board but ensure any postings are suitably anonymised and/or redacted of identifying information.


Dr Majid Jalil has been a Clinical Advisor for years and is happy to take queries majid.jalil@nhs.net

Dr Felicity (Fliss) Shaw also happy to help (newer to the team) fshaw1@nhs.net