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GM QOF network

QOF information at a local, national and practice level
QOF information at a local, national and practice level (less...)
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East Mids QOF virtual Network
Local and specific group for Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes, and Nottinghamshire.
Keywords: ('qof', 'primary care', 'gem', 'qp')
London QOF network
To share Good practice examples in QOF. Support PCT, GP and Managerial colleagues in sharing working knoweldge on QOF achievement, Pre and Post Verification ...
Keywords: ('QOF, NICE, London, PCT',)
GM UEC communications sub-group
This is a network which supports the work of the Greater Manchester UEC communications sub-group.
Keywords: ('uec', 'communications', 'gm', 'greater manchester', 'sub-group')
Greater Manchester Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Network
The Greater Manchester Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Network aims to share good practices in preventing and eliminating pressure ulcers. The ...
Keywords: ('gm pressure ulcer collaborative',)
Quality and productivity indicators network
A network to allow providers and commissioners to share ideas and good practice in the development of new pathways. Commissioners working in PCTs or in ...
Keywords: ('qp', 'electice referrals', 'productivity', 'primary care', 'qof', 'emergency admissions', 'quality')
GM Infection Prevention and Control
Greater Manchester Infection Prevention and Control Online Resource Centre. Network administrator is Sarah Heeley (sheeley@nhs.net)
Keywords: ('infection prevention and control', 'ipcc', 'mrsa', 'e.coli', 'e coli')
The Greater Manchester Local Eye Health Network (LEHN) will be a vehicle for clinically led and clinically owned delivery of: • Quality improvement • Best ...
Keywords: ('eye', 'network', 'health', 'local')
GM Resourcing and System Special Interest Group
A networking group to share information about our SIG group
Keywords: ('esr', 'trac', 'recruitment', 'sig', 'gm')
Safeguarding Clinical Collaborative for Greater Manchester
A Clinical Safeguarding Collaborative for Greater Manchester, led by the Designated Nurses for Adult and Children's Safeguarding of Greater Manchester. This ...
Keywords: ('safeguarding', 'adult', 'nhs', 'greater', 'providers', 'commissioners', 'network', 'manchester')
Greater Manchester Bowel Screening Network
To bring stakeholders together to develop a coordinated approach to help increase uptake across Greater Manchester.
Keywords: ('manchester bowel screening network',)