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Mandatory training requirements Public view | Network member posting
by Heather Ward May 24. 2016
re: Re: Compliance recording and monitoring of mandatory training
Pre-registration scientists Public view | Network member posting
Questions: 1) Do you have a staff members in your lab who are employed as pre-registration scientists and who are working towards their registration through the 6 year route? 2) If so how have you structure their training? 3) Are the training across both molecular and cytogenetics? 4) If just one discipline do you plan to give them any experience in the other discipline prior to them applying for registration
by Alison Taylor-Beadling March 03. 2016
re: Re: WMRGL experience
Introductions Public view | Network member posting
Hi Welcome to the genetics training leads network. I thought it would be useful if we could introduce ourselves in this section. For those who don't know me I am Alison Taylor-Beadling and I am the training lead for the genetics lab at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I am also a member of the ACGS WDC and the London Healthcare Scientist WDC. I have recently been involved in setting up a Healthcare scientist network in our trust and I am happy to feedback on how this is going if anyone is interested. The aim of this forum is for us to use it as a tool to discuss various issues that we face in the workplace when it comes to training, this can be anything from technologist training/registration, STPs, HSSTs and pre-registration training etc. I hope you find it a useful tool and that we can get some good discussions going. Best wishes Alison
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