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GE Discovery 690 PET/CT Scanner: Users Network

A network for hospital staff supporting GE Discovery 690 PET/CT scanners.
A network for hospital staff supporting GE Discovery 690 PET/CT scanners. (less...)
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IPEM Paediatric CT WP
A group of experts brought together by IPEM to optimise paediatric CT imaging protocols.
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A community to inform and support potential NHS stakeholders, who want to know more about SNOMED CT and how to acquire and use it.
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UK PET Physics Group
Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts ...
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IDUG: Internal Dosimetry Users Group
The Internal Dosimety Users Group (IDUG) is a group set up to share ideas and best practice for radionuclide dosimetry.
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OGT users
User group for labs using OGT v3 constitutional microarray
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RTDS Users Forum
This forum is for users of the Radiotherapy Dataset to discuss the use of the PHE Portal for the submission of RTDS, the extraction and recording of RTDS data ...
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UK Capsule and DAE users' group
Network for Capsule and DAE users - forum for discussion and means of communication
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UK CNS Genetic Disease Gene Therapy Future Users Group
A national working group consisting of individuals representing the spectrum of genetic disorders that affect the central nervous system for which gene therapy ...
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Common Assessment Framework for Adults Learning Network
Documenting the learning from a three year programme to test different approaches to sharing information across agencies to support personalisation. JOIN THIS ...
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DMuDB User Group
This is a network for the Diagnostic Mutation Database user group - a place to share ideas and information about the resource, and to provide input to guide ...
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