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Amateur Radio Training

The Foundation Online Course

GB1NHS is on a quest to make it easier for new people to get into the truly amazing world of amateur radio. Having access to restricted radio frequencies and a world wide communications infrastructure opens up a world of possibilities for licensed radio amateurs (hams). 

Thanks to Essex Ham, NHS and Department of Health colleagues can now have free access to the foundation licence online amateur radio training course. 

Please take a look at the following short video to find out more about the course:

The foundation licence is an introductory licence to encourage new amateur radio operators to get a taste of the hobby and to get on-air. As a Foundation licence holder you will have access at low power to a range of different frequencies. You can use more power and gain additional operating privileges as you progress to the intermediate and full licences.

Getting a foundation licence will allow you to transmit on the VHF / UHF and HF bands to a power of up to 10 watts. A modest aerial and radio will be adequate to transmit into much of Europe and beyond.

Essex Ham use an industry-standard Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the course. Foundation online has been designed by an RSGB Registered Trainer who has been involved with training for multiple amateur radio groups. The course has helped over 1000 people to get their foundation licence. 


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Special Thanks to Essex Ham

Thank you to Essex Ham for making this innovative award winning training opportunity freely available to the NHS and Department of Health.