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This Forensic CAMHS Network aims to build on the pioneering work of previous multidisciplinary groups in the field.

The Adolescent Forensic Professionals Network (AFPN) was formed in 2002 in the context of the development of five secure, inpatient mental health units for young people. Staff at these nationally commissioned units were geographically far from each other and welcomed the opportunity to meet, discuss challenges and share best practice.

The AFPN then moved under the umbrella of the Association for Professionals in Services for Adolescents (APSA), but went through a phase of relative quiescence. The group re-emerged as The Forensic Adolescent Network including Children (FAN-C), with successful conferences in 2008 and 2009.

This Forensic CAMHS Network is a development of FAN-C, with a renewed vision for broad multidisciplinary engagement, facilitated by the new NHS Networks platform. The Forensic CAMHS Network organised a national conference in 2012 which paved the way for hosting the EFCAP 2014 Congress in Manchester.

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The Forensic CAMHS Network Board