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Focused On Simulation

What is Simulation?

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What is Simulation?

A Powerful Tool for accelerated Efficiency Savings & Service Improvement

Simulation is the use of Modelling to ‘represent’ (but not ‘replicate’) a system or process at an appropriate level of detail, and thereby help the User to ‘learn by doing’ in a perfectly safe and sufficiently realistic environment.

Simulation Modelling provides a ‘meeting place’ for Clinicians & Commissioners, Medics & Managers, Advocates, Carers & Patients to collaborate in the design of integrated, patient-centric Services.

Simulation Modelling is a Tool for Public, Primary, Community, Acute, and Mental Health and for integrating Health and Social Care Resources to meet their shared Objectives.

Simulation Modelling is a highly cost effective Planning & Decision-making Tool that can garner Consensus and generate Confidence in Solutions to your most intractable problems.

Simulation Modelling is a Tool for better informed, evidence-based Decisions and your Optimised Resources delivering Greater Care.

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