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Ethical framework for Covid-19

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April 03. 2020
Sally Parker

Dear Equality Co-operative members

First of all, I hope you are all well?

I realise that this is an incredibly busy time for our organisations so I appreciate any help you can give in developing a Devon-wide Ethical framework for Covid-19.

The need to develop this framework is in response to a decision nationally not to provide national or regional frameworks but to ask organisations to develop their own but with a strong steer to have a county-wide frameworks.

To do this, we would need to get sign up from each of your organisations to the framework and an undertaking from your leadership to support its use in the decisions being made to respond to Covid-19. I have no doubt whatsoever that day to day we are all doing our best to ensure ethical decision-making but there is a requirement for this document.

I know that some organisations may already have drafted their own frameworks which should inform the county-wide one.

The draft is essentially reproduced from the Local Government framework for adult social care with some elements added by me.

It is essential that Devon has such a framework and I would ask you to:

  • Share any ethical framework already developed in your organisation
  • Comment on the draft
  • Agree a final draft that you would be happy to take to your leadership for sign off

Thank you for your help. The draft document can be found in the documents folder.


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