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Eastern Paediatric Epilepsy Network

Young person's guide to Epilepsy

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Young person's guide to Epilepsy

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Paediatric Rheumatology Pharmacists UK
A forum for pharmacists interested in paediatric rheumatology to ask questions and share knowledge
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Network for sharing Paediatrics work happening around Cheshire and Merseyside
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The Paediatric Epilepsy Network for the North-East and Cumbria, is a well-established network for clinicians and specialist-nurses with an interest in ...
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Primary Care Neurology Society
The Primary Care Neurology Society (P-CNS) was established in 2004 to encourage primary care professionals to become interested in neurology. It was also ...
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Primary Care Women's Health Forum
The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) has been launched to specifically address the needs of healthcare professionals caring for millions of women in ...
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Schools and Sexual Health Services Network
This free email network run by the Sex Education Forum supports professionals to share good practice relating to SRE and sexual health with a particular focus ...
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Sheffield Transitions Network
Sheffield Transitions Network is an online forum for anyone supporting young adults (16-25) in Sheffield with mental health difficulties. It is intended for ...
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Tower Hamlets Handbook Group
Informal group set up to promote information media that can be used by the public to access health and social care services in the Inner North East London Area
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Applied Psychologists in SFMHS for Young People
Applied Psychologists working with young people in secure forensic mental health services
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Islington Partnership Children and Young People IAPT Programme
A forum for mental health professionals to learn, share and feedback about the IAPT approach for children and young people
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