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Win up to £100,000 for improving COPD care in the NHS Innovation Challenge

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Win up to £100,000 for improving COPD care in the NHS Innovation Challenge

Details of the latest round of NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes, with a specific challenge on improving COPD care. Engries must be in by 1 June 2012.


This year's NHS Innovation challenge has been announced and you will be pleased to hear includes a COPD challenge.  The aim of the challenge is to encourage diffusion of innovation and good ideas.

Please distribute this message as widely as you can to encourage submissions from our NHS colleagues. The competition closes at midnight on the 1st June 2012. The winners will be announced in December 2012.

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes have been created to recognise and reward ideas that tackle some of the most challenging areas in healthcare. Now in their second year , the scheme not only rewards the tremendous pool of talent that exist in the NHS with well-deserved recognition, but also provide successful applicants with prize money – the biggest winner to date received £100,000.

 > Download a short presentation about the  NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes

Details of the COPD Challenge:

Use newer technology and other innovations to redesign services:

  • to improve identification and diagnosis of the disease by 25% and reduce the current misdiagnosis level to below the current 30% 
  • and/or reduce admissions and readmissions by 33%.


COPD remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity with just under 1 million of the estimated 3.3 million people living with symptoms being diagnosed. Due to its insidious onset, people with the disease often present late with moderate to severe disease and experience recurrent exacerbations that lead to hospitalisation and readmission and a downward spiral of disability and death for some.

Currently 20% of all hospital admissions are for COPD related problems and the smoking legacy will mean that the challenge of diagnosing and treating COPD will not go away for some considerable time.

Diagnosing the disease earlier in the milder stages provides an opportunity to intervene earlier and influence the progressive nature of the disease. However integral to this is the ability to properly diagnose and characterise the disease and to distinguish it from asthma so that treatment can be appropriately targeted. Proactively managing the disease when diagnosed and during episodes of worsening through appropriate chronic disease management and evidence based treatment can dramatically reduce hospital admissions and readmissions and prevent the loss of lung function.


The challenge is therefore to:

  • improve the diagnosis and classification of severity in the COPD population living with symptoms by 25% and reduce the misdiagnosis rate from current 30%
  • reduce admissions by 33% with innovative approaches using new technology to manage both the stable clinical state and enable the early identification of any episodes of worsening that require treatment; or
  • reduce the current 33% readmission rate through, for example, structured admission while in hospital, specialist led hospital care, discharge bundles, proactive follow up, and integrated secondary, community and social care 

  > find out more about the NHS Challenge Prizes and find out how submit an entry at the NHS Innovation Challenge website www.challengeprizes.institute.nhs.uk

Remember, the closing date is midnight on 1 Jun 2012