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Tobacco, disease and healthcare statistics available for PCT and Local Authority areas

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Tobacco, disease and healthcare statistics available for PCT and Local Authority areas

The London Health Observatory has just issued the 2011 Tobacco Control Profiles for PCT and Local Authority Areas, including smoking prevalence levels, smoking-related disease levels, costs of smoking-related disease and local service provision.

The Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England are an accessible web-based tool. They bring together a set of indicators at both local authority and primary care trust level that are specific to tobacco, and tailored to the needs of local users. They are outcome-focussed and relevant to the major modern challenges of tobacco control in England.

What information do the profiles contain?

• the health problems caused by smoking - including a breakdown by disease area (COPD/cardiovascular/cancer)
• the extent of local smoking

• the effectiveness of local stop-smoking services

Background to the Tobacco Control Profiles

• local data for PCTs and local authorities in easy-to-interpret summary or “spine” charts

• trend charts, regional comparison charts and summaries, and the ability to download data for all indicators

• maps showing variation across England;

• an option to enter additional local indicator values to compare against national or regional benchmarks (the ‘Datapack’);

• the ability to download pdf reports for each locality plus charts and maps.

Background to the Profiles data

The Profiles were developed by the London Health Observatory (LHO) on behalf of the Public Health Observatories in England.

The profiles were first published in October 2010 to provide easy access to a wide range of local indicators that inform public health action and intelligent commissioning of services. The 2011 release ensures the profiles are current and contain the most recent data.

> Go to the LHO 2011 Tobacco Control Profiles website