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NHS Companion Document for COPD & Asthma launched today

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NHS Companion Document for COPD & Asthma launched today

The NHS Companion Document to the COPD & Asthma Strategy was launched today (11 May 2012) - containing 45 clear actions to help the NHS improve diagnosis, treatment and care for COPD & Asthma.

The NHS Companion Document sets out 45 best practice actions to help medical professionals, commissioners and service managers to deliver across the five domains in the NHS Outcomes Framework for people with COPD and Asthma: to reduce mortality, improve quality of life, help people recover from episodes of ill health, deliver a positive patient experience and avoid harm. These actions draw on the Outcomes Strategy for COPD & Asthma, NICE clinical guidelines and the NICE Quality Standard for COPD.

The NHS Companion Document contains a detailed description and background information for each of the actions, including the case for change and links to the evidence base for the proposed action. The Companion Document includes information about how NHS actions relate to public health and social care, and details the levers for change to help ensure the actions are delivered by the NHS. There is also information about the implementation support available through professional bodies, patient charities and NHS organisations.

Alongside the full document, there is also a Summary Document and an Economic Impact Report which gives 
the financial case for change, showing how these actions can help the NHS meet its QIPP objectives.

The documents are all available from the DH website at  http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/