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Improving Asthma Care: LIP Emerging Learning report

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Improving Asthma Care: LIP Emerging Learning report

The Lung Improvement Programme have published a report outlining the key elements of emerging learning from their work on improving Asthma care in the NHS.

The report - Improving adult asthma care: Emerging learning from the national improvement projects -  provides a number of detailed case studies about improving asthma care, with emerging learning focussing on six key areas:

  • The importance of data for improving asthma care
  • The value of better integration of services, particularly between primary and secondary care
  • The variation in how care pathways are put together - with a lack of commonality meaning that key aspects of best practice are often missed
  • The strength of using standardising approaches, such as care bundles, templates and CQUINs
  • The ability to combine prevention and productivity to improve outcomes for asthma patients
  • The fundamental importance of supportive self-management to asthma care