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East of England Respiratory Programme

View Respiratory indicators across England at GP practice level

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View Respiratory indicators across England at GP practice level

You can now view a range of respiratory indicators at GP practice level using a website produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories

The website http://www.apho.org.uk/PracProf/Default.aspx also lets you see information at PCT level and to compare a particular GP practice with the rest of the PCT area.

The indicators are based on QOF data and are grouped under demographics and key disease areas, including respiratory disease. There are 14 respiratory indicators including:

  • COPD prevelance
  • Asthma prevelance
  • Smoking prevelance
  • COPD diagnosis by spirometry
  • Asthma review
  • QOF execption rates


By selecting a PCT, a practice and choosing to view respiratory data, a table similar to the following is produced, giving practice data and comparing to the PCT and England averages



By clicking on the magnifying glass logo to the left of the indicator name in the table, a comparator graph is produced (as below) together with the option to download the data