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Double award for HOS programme a tribute to all who worked on oxygen reprocurement

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Double award for HOS programme a tribute to all who worked on oxygen reprocurement

The Home Oxygen Service (HOS) programme has picked up two national awards in the last week - paying tribute to the hard work of teams up and down the country who have worked to make the new oxygen contracts a success for patients and the NHS.

Around 90,000 patients receive oxygen in their own homes,costing the National Health Service (NHS) £130 million per year. The majority of these patients have advanced lung disease and rely on an effective and responsive supply to maintain quality of life and to improve chances of survival. 

Over the past two years, the Department of Health Respiratory Programme, in conjuction with commissioning support from NHS PCC, improvement experts from NHS Improvement (Lung), patient groups and countless teams up and down the country have worked to reprocure and recommission the Home Oxygen Service to provide a substantially improved service to patients while saving the NHS an estimated £35 million a year.

On Tuesday 20th Nov, the team picked up the Financial Initiative award in the 2012 Guardian Public Services Awards (read more about the Guardian award) while on Thursday 22nd Nov the team completed the double by winning the Achieving Better for Less award in the Civil Service Awards 2012 (read more about the Civil Service award)

The two awards are a tribute to all the teams who have worked so hard to make the new HOS contracts a success, particularly all those local services who have ensured that people are getting the oxygen that is appropriate for them with improved equipment and response times.


Pictured above - the National Team. Front (from left): Kevin Holton, Head of Respiratory, Diabetes, Liver and Kidney Programmes and Hamza Jamil, Home Oxygen Service Programme Lead; Back (from left):  Joanna Clarke, Deputy Head of Respiratory Programme, John Paul Maytum, Communications Lead, Respiratory Programme, Maxine Siddon, Policy Officer, Clinical Strategies