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Prevention and Early Identification Strategy

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Prevention and Early Identification Strategy

The background, strategy, campaign materials and supporting documents for the COPD Prevention and Early Identification Strategy

Prevention and Early Identification Strategy

Of the 3.5 million people in England with COPD, only 800,000 have been diagnosed, leaving 2.7 million people who have the disease, without knowing it. A toolkit of information and tools have been put together to help clinicans, commissioners and other groups and organisations to help prevent people getting lung problems and to identify those who have as quickly as possible.

More information can be found on the Lung Improvement Programme website

> Read more about the Prevention and Early Identification Strategy


To support this strategy an 'Activation Plan' has been put together to highlight the key issues and show how Prevention and Early Identification can be delivered in practice.

> Read the Activation Plan Executive Summary

> Read the Activation Plan Full document

To support this there is a Campaign toolkit - including logos, graphics and an explanation of the key groups to target. This will give you the key elements of what you need to deliver a local campaign.

> Read the COPD Campaign Toolkit

Accompanying the campaign toolkit is a detailed 'Insights report' - which identifies the key groups and what will motivate them to change behaviour and improve their lung health - including a list of do's and dont's.

> Read the COPD Insights report

There are also a series of background documents explaining the approach and methodology of the campaign and underpinning analysis.

> Read the Background Documents