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Practice Learning

Practice Learning includes the following:

There are various models of roles of Practice Education Facilitators/Practice Learning Leads across the East Midlands.  Please see your local county page.

One of the first publications that highlighted the necessity of mentor support for newly qualified was ‘Reality Shock: Why Nurses Leave Nursing’ by Marlene Kramer (1974). She described a 'reality shock' as 'the reactions of new workers when they find themselves in a work situation for which they have spent several years preparing and for which they thought they were going to be prepared, and then suddenly find they are not'. The idea of preceptorship is to overcome these problems/difficulties in transition from an educational to a work environment that can be also described as a gap between theory and practice.

Preceptorship allows new registrants to adapt to professional practice within a highly supportive environment and is premised on increasing an individual’s confidence and self belief, enabling autonomous practice whilst minimising any risk of psychological harm to the individual or physical harm to the healthcare user.

This period of support is not an extension of formal training - the preceptees are accountable for their own actions regardless of the support system being in-situ.

A preceptor is ‘a role model who has consolidated experience within the same or associated practice field as the individual requiring support’.  /Source: Central Manchester & Manchester Childrens University Hospital NHS Trust Education Development Team, Feb 2005/

A preceptee is 'a newly qualified practitioner commencing their 1st job after graduating from HEI, or a returnee following a Return to Practice Course, requiring support. His/her expertise may range from that of a novice to that of someone who has a great deal of experience’. /Source: Central Manchester & Manchester Childrens University Hospital NHS Trust Education Development Team, Feb 2005/


The Commissioning Unit of East Midlands Strategic Health Authority funding supports preceptorship arrangements for all clinical professions. The process is administered locally by each Local Heath Community Workforce Team.