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Developing an East Midlands vision and strategy for clinical commissioning and Real Budget Pilots

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Developing an East Midlands vision and strategy for clinical commissioning and Real Budget Pilots

To: East Midlands PBC Clinical Network

Developing an East Midlands vision and strategy for clinical commissioning

You will be aware of, and may well have contributed to, the ongoing development of an East Midlands vision and strategy drive forward PBC/Clinical Commissioning in the East Midlands.  The vision and strategy will be drafted on the basis of contributions from previous and ongoing clinical, PCT and wider stakeholder input.   At the end of this week it will be possible to contribute to the vision and strategy via the East Midlands PBC website (please add your comments via the discussion forum).   We will also be seeking the views of provider and PCT Chief Executives on the vision for PBC / clinical commissioning in the East Midlands  at East Midlands Leadership Team  (EMLeT) on 8th June.   In the meantime we encourage PCTs and PBCs to ensure that a wide range of stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute to the vision and strategy including patient / public representatives on PBC consortia boards.    

Piloting Real Budgets

As part of the consultation process the SHA has stated its intent to pursue the early piloting of real budgets.  We have not invited expressions of interest up to now but there has already been significant interest in exploring and potentially piloting real budgets from PBC and PCTs.   We are keen to have discussions with interested parties and we will be holding a meeting/workshop to consider all the issues surrounding the piloting of real budgets on 8th June at East wood Hall, Eastwood from 6pm.    This is an initial meeting to consider all the issues and to plan the next steps in piloting real budgets in the East Midlands.   It is important that senior PCT staff and PBC leaders attend the meeting so that we can fully consider all the issues and make good progress.  There will be subsequent workshops for those PCTs and PBCs that are keen to pilot real budgets in 10/11.         

An  agenda for the session will be shared nearer the time but to aid early preparation below are some of the issues that we will need to explore :

  • What do we mean by real budgets?
  • How can/should real budgets influence clinical behaviour – incentives, rewards and accountability
  • Governance arrangements – and consortia size
  • Scope of services to be include in real budgets, calculation of budgets
  • Financial mechanism,
  • Capacity, capability and information requirements for PBCs managing real budgets
  • Minimising transaction costs
  • How to deal with in year list growth
  • The potential to commence some pilots from 1st October 2010
  • Identifying different pilot models

The venue holds a maximum of 60 people so there is a nominal limit 6 attendees per PCT area.  Please liaise with your PCT if you are interested in attending.  PCTs will forward a list of attendees to me.

Andy Gregory
Assistant Director of Performance and Operations
NHS East Midlands
Tel: 0115 968 4453
Mob: 07786 110642