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Early Adopter Sites


In the East Midlands we have two early adopter sites, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Michael Palmer, Project Lead) and Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (Joan Peel, Project Lead).  

The England Action Plan described the role as follows:

An expert reference group to champion implementation of Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) in England, which will;

· Articulate the benefits of MSC  for patients, the service and the healthcare science (HCS) workforce

· Identify the contribution of HCSs to the Quality, Productivity, Innovation and Prevention (QIPP) agenda

· Demonstrate how reprofiling the workforce can be achieved using the new MSC career Framework and modernised education and training curricula

· Utilise  and help further refine a new integrated workforce planning tool

· Explore employment issues and representative professional scientific leadership and social partnership arrangements

· Develop demonstrator site skill mix and productivity gains from new roles, ways of working and training

· Determine the extent to which the existing workforce needs to be supported and further developed

· Develop new roles including assistant and associate roles, including apprenticeships and other workplace based training qualifications

In addition early adopters will support some more practical MSC activity, such as;

· Detailed modelling of costs to employers of new work based training, balanced by the service contribution of trainees

· Provision of work based training placements for some first wave BSc and MSc trainees

· Testing the ‘Train the Workforce Based Trainer’ programmes

· Testing new methods of assessment and tools

· Helping  to map relationships between SHAs and the new infrastructures to support learners in practice, trainers and employers

· As new roles are developed, advise on whether it is necessary to update national Role Profiles in conjunction with NHS Job Evaluation Group

· Testing  the assimilation of the current workforce onto the new career  framework, and how the equivalence process will operate with proposed  HCS Education and Training Board

· Helping to  plan the  employment of new graduates from the first  training programmes in new and different roles

· Supporting  the development of the improved Electronic Staff Record occupational coding for HCSs to support workforce planning

· Testing  out new employment titles