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CFG Calderdale Health and Social Care
Public involvement in matters around Health and Social Care covered by Local Authority LINk Groups
Keywords: ('Calderdale', 'LINk', 'Local Involvement Network')
Cheshire and Merseyside Wider LDN
Supporting the implementation of national strategies and policy at a local level to improve oral health and reducing inequalities.
Keywords: ('cheshire', 'merseyside', 'local dental network', 'ldn')
Clinical Leadership in Primary Care
Welcome to the new online home for Clinical Leadership in Primary Care! This site has been set up to allow professionals across primary care share, discuss ...
Keywords: ('Multi-professional', 'Primary Care', 'Clinical Leadership')
The Greater Manchester Local Eye Health Network (LEHN) will be a vehicle for clinically led and clinically owned delivery of: • Quality improvement • Best ...
Keywords: ('eye', 'network', 'health', 'local')
CCG Network
Network of professionals involved in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and those with a professional interest.
Keywords: ('Network of professionals involved in GP Consortia, and those with a professional interest.',)
Information Governance Collaborative Network
A network to support the Information Governance community through transition by providing a space in which to raise questions, highlight issues, discuss ...
Keywords: ('information governance', 'transition', 'ig professional leadership group')
Linking Leaders
The leadership network that crosses boundaries - professional, geographic, sectors and attitudes.
Keywords: ('management', 'leaders', 'cross', 'manager', 'clinical', 'leadership', 'multiprofessional', 'professional', 'multi professional', 'mdt')
National Clinical Commissioning Network
The National Clinical Commissioning Network (NCCN) and associated Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network (HCPCN) were created to enable an ...
Keywords: ('champion', 'service redesign', 'james kingsland', 'clinical', 'leadership', 'shared learning', 'national', 'resource', 'DH', 'best practice', 'advocates', 'pbc policy', 'community care', 'local', 'director of', 'delivery', 'invigoration', 'pbc', 'commissioning', 'upskilling', 'primary care')
NELFT Physiotherapy Network
The NELFT Physio online network is open to all NELFT Physio staff, to discuss issues affecting them or impacting on other members of staff. The purpose of the ...
Keywords: ('physiotherapy specific local network',)
NWL Engagement
This is a forum for employees of NHS organisations, local authorities or Healthwatch that have a role in engaging local patients and residents in the following ...
Keywords: ('nhs', 'local authority', 'healthwatch', 'sahf', 'whole systems')