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HOAX - Our Right to Hope

The HOAX project is based on a poem, titled the same, written in 2004 by a young Mancunian poet called Rob. The poem was one of many hundreds that he wrote whilst living with his ultimately fatal mental-health condition, schizophrenia. The HOAX project is, first and foremost, an artwork. However, it is an artwork that seems to have an extremely powerful effect on those who experience it. Whether these are people with mental health difficulties themselves, people who know others with mental health difficulties, or people who haven’t yet come into contact with mental health problems: they each leave the HOAX experience profoundly influenced. This was noticed by Manchester-based Psychosis Research Unit (PRU). A partnership was then formed between PRU and Ziggy’s Wish, to investigate whether the HOAX project could extend its reach from the arts sector where it was originally developed, into the health sector in order to act as a mental health tool. HOAX Our Right to Hope is the result of these investigations.

Find out more here - http://www.hoaxorth.com/and-you/