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EIP Patient Tracking List

NHS England North and our regional EIP clinical leads have supported the development of a patient tracking list (PTL) for EIP. Referral to Treatment (RTT) pathways have been a core part of improving cancer care. PTLs have been used extensively to track where people are in the pathway to ensure that any delays are quickly noticed and addressed. This tool has been very much been led by Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS FT who developed and tested the tool to ensure it worked for both clinicians and informatics teams. The tool is not mandatory but we hope is a helpful resource.

The PTL helps in three ways.  Firstly, it makes it easy for team leaders, administrators and clinicians to see where service users are on the pathway.  This enables them to spot and address any delays, e.g. in allocating service users to a care coordinator.  Secondly, it enables you to spot any data quality issues prospectively.  Thirdly, it enables you to quickly spot where problems are on the pathway.  In NTW NHS FT, it identified delays in making decisions about accepting people and also specific areas which were slow to refer people to EIP.  This meant that EIP services could see if the problems that needed addressing were internal or external.  See the accompanying vignette for further information. 

We are developing a PTL that includes NICE Concordant Treatment and also captures Outcomes.  This would make it easy for a service to demonstrate NICE concordant care and also display how effective it is.